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For readers both acquainted with and new to the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche, Nietzsche NOW! frames and explains Nietzsche’s thinking on topics of immediate contemporary concern and relevance. Wallis unpacks Nietzsche’s complex philosophy with a deft, empathetic, and brilliantly subtle analysis of the views of the Great Immoralist on democracy, identity, civilization, consciousness, religion, and other momentous topics. Throughout, Wallis includes ample extracts from Nietzsche himself.

In Nietzsche NOW! Wallis takes readers on a sometimes counterintuitive, always revelatory journey to grasp the relevance of Nietzsche for our contentious times.  Nietzsche NOW! contains Wallis’s original German translations of Nietzsche’s writings from the critical edition along with insights drawn from a decades-long close study of Nietzsche’s works and their academic reception.

Nietzsche NOW! is immensely readable. Wallis’s deep knowledge of Buddhism feeds into the transfigurative nature of the Übermensch, the radical figure who realizes the possibility for personal and social change.”
—Sue Prideaux, author of I Am Dynamite! A Life of Friedrich Nietzsche, Winner of the Hawthornden Prize

“A lively and spirited introduction to a masterful stylist and our greatest educator.” 
—Keith Ansell-Pearson, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Warwick, England

“Glenn Wallis’s Nietzsche NOW! is an exhilarating journey through the life and mind of Friedrich Nietzsche, brilliantly contextualizing his philosophy for our era.”
—Amir Eshel, Edward Clark Crossett Professor of Humanistic Studies, Stanford University

“Drawing on a deep knowledge of the academic scholarship but unencumbered by academic prose…Wallis charts a surprisingly useful path through this extremely contemporary philosopher’s work for our times.”
—Eyal Peretz, Professor of Comparative Literature, Indiana University Bloomington

“Wallis walks us calmly and confidently through Nietzsche’s dense forest of ideas, enabling us to think with his life and thought, to resist those who would usurp his thinking, to meditate and overcome along with him.”
—Stefanos Geroulanos, New York University

“The author combines an encyclopedic knowledge of Nietzsche (his chapter outlining the philosopher’s life, ‘Reader, Nietzsche’ is a tight little masterpiece in its own right) with an empathetic understanding of the man…A surprisingly engaging grafting of Nietzsche’s philosophy onto the modern world.” 
—Kirkus Reviews

Glenn Wallis is the editor and translator of The Dhammapada and Basic Teachings of the Buddha (Random House), and the author of A Critique of Western Buddhism (Bloomsbury), An Anarchist’s Manifesto, and How to Fix Education (Warbler Press). He holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University and has taught at several universities, including Brown University, and at the University of Georgia as a tenured professor. He is the founder and director of Incite Seminars in Philadelphia.






CounterPunch, "On Anarchism: An Interview with Glenn Wallis," by John Kendell Hawkins.


Nietzsche NOW!

Nietzsche Now cover


Non Buddhist Mysticism: Performing Irreducible and Primitive Presence

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An Anarchist's Manifesto
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