Non Buddhist Mysticism: Performing Irreducible and Primitive Presence

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In the enlivening tradition of the dramaturgy to “adapt a story to actable form,” Non Buddhist Mysticism presents a radical reorientation to “spiritual” practice.

Drawing from François Laruelle’s concept of future mysticism and the author’s own previous work on non-buddhism, Glenn Wallis galvanizes a materialist spirituality for the twenty-first century.

Liberated from the punctilious gaze of the masters, delivered into the hands (and hearts) of the reader, this is a spirituality “born in the spirit of heresy rather than sanctity.”

The intended outcome is a subject “fit for the clash with Hell” – a person equipped, lovingly and compassionately, to confront the injustices of the world.



Building an intimate relationship between the Buddha, the mystic, and the non-philosopher, Glenn Wallis wakes the reader up to their inner-heretic: A figure that embraces the world devoid of transcendental escape. This book rescues the lost potential in these two worlds of practice and desire, and returns it to the hands of the reader. It is also a call for modern bodhisattvas to take up arms against the delusion and confusion laid out in the hallucinations of readymade answers to a complex world provided by those all-knowing wisdom holders: Mindful Gurus, Enlightenment Experts, Spiritual Wonder Peddlers, and the overly sure. Read at your peril; it could change your life! -- Matthew Joseph O’Connell, The Imperfect Buddha Podcast



CounterPunch, "On Anarchism: An Interview with Glenn Wallis," by John Kendell Hawkins.


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Non Buddhist Mysticism: Performing Irreducible and Primitive Presence

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