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"How to be an Anarchist," The Stoa, with Peter Limberg. (YouTube video)


"The Case Against Buddhism: A Conversation between Glenn Wallis and Charles Hallisey." Harvard University, Center for the Study of World Religions, 2019.


With Peter Limberg at The Intellectual Explorers Club Podcast.


With Ron Purser and David Forbes at The Mindful Cranks Podcast.


With Kaitlin Smith of The Wild Mind Collective podcast.


With Uli Baer at Think About It, on Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet.


The Imperfect Buddha Podcast dedicates a few podcast discussions to Speculative Non-Buddhism. Here is a full discussion.(episode 15). This partial discussion one begins at around 54:30. I have also done several interviews (episodes 16, 17, 30, 34).


Here's an interview with Joseph Gervasi for his Loud!Fast!Philly! project chronicalling the Philadelphia punk scene. (Might have to scroll down.) Here's one with my bandmate Cordy Swope. And here's one with my bandmate Vosco Thom Adams.




Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) at r/ShambhalaBuddhism. This conversation is a good basic introduction into my non-buddhism work.


With Randy Rosenthal for Lion's Roar Magazine. This is the (much more interesting!) unedited version


With Andrew Blevins and Jonah Sprung at The Flood.


With me and my band mates about our adventure in the American punk underground, circa 1980s.


Here's another one, with Cordy Swope, at Seymour Magazine.


With Tom Pepper at Speculative Non-Buddhism.

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