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  • Sen (Wednesday, April 06 22 11:15 pm EDT)

    Back when I tilted fully into "Buddhism" - scare quotes just to show "it" in the hypostasized way I thought of "it" - after some traumatic business in 2011 I picked up Basic Teachings of the Buddha plus Buddhavacana, working through basic-er Pali that summer with that, some grammars culled online, and Takakusu's chrestomathy. Basic Teachings went to Japan with me later that year, still very much a favorite. It was interesting to see your writing / translations grow gradually less "buddhemic" from the Dhammapada through Basic Teachings down towards SNB. Could really feel where it was going in the preface to Buddhavacana.

    Then I came across the SNB blog completely by chance in early 2013, and what a rollicking great year that was with you and Tom and Tutteji. People were getting eviscerated, there! Me not least among them. Much lurking, only posted once (briefly). Took a few years on it. As suggested.

    And here I've come back again having not quite read through the Critique and - holy wow - there's a *new* book just out a month ago and everything going on at Incite Seminars and yep, this is a good way.

    Gonna have to shuffle over to Patreon in a bit and drop in on the Sanskrit Sangha. Until then, kick out the jams and all that.

  • Thomas (Saturday, January 29 22 01:40 pm EST)

    I just bought your book "The Dhammapada: Verses on the Way." Looking forward to reading your version. Thank you.

  • Marlon Blake (Wednesday, June 19 19 04:36 pm EDT)

    Glenn I just finished watching your interview 'What Will it Take to Save Mindfulness? A Critic's Reflection' what a refreshing viewpoint. I remember when I completed my dissertation one of the members of my committee said to me" Marlon the best advice I have about this work is..don't be a sell out" It took me some time to figure out what he meant, but after some reflection and watching your interview, it has become a bit more clear what he meant. I think that it is important that we critique the western concepts of mindfulness and truly question our intention about its use in our society. It seems that money and creating passive practitioners (going to the Yoga Studio and going home), without asking folks to challenge their thoughts and behaviors and in particular how the continue to support institutional racism.

    I know this is a long rant and I could write a ton more, but I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated your perspective on the topic.

    May you be well!

  • Glenn Wallis (Wednesday, June 19 19 10:07 am EDT)

    Hi Phyllis. What good timing! Yes, we are going to experiment with online sessions. The first one is June 29. You can read about it here: We will also have a gathering to discuss online community this Saturday. Read about that here: I hope you will join us. Thank you for your interest.

  • Phyllis Roseberry (Wednesday, June 19 19 09:17 am EDT)

    Would you ever consider a seminar via computer? For people who can’t come to Philadelphia.

  • Mac Djerf (Thursday, January 31 19 05:52 pm EST)

    Hi Glenn!

    I´m reading your "Critique" with great interest and understanding of your point. In my country it´s an expensive book, but we have public libraries, so I can still read it. I just want you to know that I like the book very much, I´m not finished with it yet and I`ll probably read it twice or thrice! :)
    With the very best regards in the Dhamma

  • Erlend K (Wednesday, June 13 18 05:28 am EDT)

    Hi Glenn. I'm not 100% sure if this is the right place to do this, but I just wanted to thank you for all the work you have put into It is very insightful and well written, and you have clearly put a lot of effort into it.

    English is my secondary language, so I have struggled to get through most of your articles. I had to look up dozens of words from most articles, and read up on the concepts and thinkers you reference. As a result of this I have not only gained a new understanding of the problems western Buddhism has to overcome, but also expanded my English vocabulary quite a bit as well as being exposed to several non-buddhist thinkers I previously was unaware of, or only knew by name. Again thanks a lot! Looking forward to seeing how the blog develops in the future!

  • Gregory Cruz (Tuesday, June 05 18 06:55 pm EDT)

    I read your Article "Gautama vs. the Buddha" on I am looking to re-incarnate myself once again at age 59 utilizing za-zen and the services of my psychotherapist. As an older atheist/parochial (catholic) schoolboy I'm not very interested in religion. I want to learn and practice a better way of "human being" as you so eloquently state in your article. I just ordered two of your books from alibris. Thanks for doing the work that you do.

  • Dion Smith (Friday, November 03 17 10:32 am EDT)

    Mr Wallis
    I recently started a new blog: "MakeAmericaModerateAgain" (link below). In a few of my initial posts, I had the opportunity to quote from your excellent translations of a couple of suttas from the Pali Canon (from "Basic Teachings of the Buddha"), so thanks! Here is the link:
    Dion Smith

  • Ray (Tuesday, September 05 17 12:52 pm EDT)

    Dear Mr. Wallis, I'm also grateful for your great work and always come back to your translation of the Dhammapada.

    Also your guide to reading the text is simply brilliant.

  • Glen (Sunday, January 29 17 11:44 am EST)

    Mr Wallis. Having read several translations of the Dhammapada over the years; yours remains the most insightful – and as such a real benefit to my personal practice. Thank you.

  • Jonathan (Saturday, January 21 17 09:10 pm EST)

    Dear Glenn,

    I just want to thank you for the work you are doing on Speculative Non-Buddhism. I have been following the blog for a few months, and have since become an avid reader. I'm a senior in college and have been practicing x-buddhisms for about 7 years. The discovery of your blog has brought about an amazing shift in my internal life. S.N.B is truly an organon of nihilistic dissolution in the best way. It brought the ways in which I cling to buddhist teachings into sharp relief.
    Thanks again for the compassion and tools for destruction.


  • Kit (Thursday, October 20 16 09:47 pm EDT)

    Stoked to have found your website and SNB as well. I've had a copy of your translation of the Dhammapada for years but I had no clue about your other writings! I get the sense that I have found
    resources to answer spiritual and political questions that I have been pondering for a long time.

  • Matt Cummings (Friday, October 09 15 09:40 am EDT)

    Your note [16.12] in Basic Teachings of the Buddha made my day.

  • Burt Raabe (Sunday, December 21 14 08:15 pm EST)

    I reread your \"Essential Teachings of Buddha\" while on 10 day course (I know, I broke a rule). I enjoyed it and it complimented the course perfectly.

  • Rosalie (Wednesday, May 28 14 08:40 pm EDT)

    Stopping here (and the other spots I find you) helps me refocus, find the ground. You're good like that, Glenn.

  • T S Werren (Friday, March 14 14 03:01 am EDT)

    Hi recently read your basic teaching of Buddhism and it's an immensely well written but like you said Buddha was an Indian mendicant did not complete my reading he was born in Nepal.

  • Dan Moore (Saturday, February 01 14 06:11 pm EST)

    Dr. Wallis:
    This is Dan Moore from UGA.I took your class 10 years ago. Just wanted to say you were the best professor I ever had. Hope all is well.

  • Glenn Wallis (Friday, November 15 13 10:21 am EST)

    Dennis asks:
    "Are there any plans to make CT|SP available in ebook form?"

    Yes, the press is looking into to the best method of delivering the book electronically. Should be soon. I'll announce it on this site and on the Speculative Non-Buddhism blog. Thanks for your
    interest. --Glenn

  • Artashata (Saturday, February 02 13 03:50 pm EST)

    Thanks for all the work that you have done at SNB. The ideas presented there have contributed to the continued fashioning of the ramshackle edifice known as my worldview. May it continue!

  • Bryant Guy (Monday, January 28 13 08:22 pm EST)

    Hi Glenn, I'm a big fan (ugh! How cliche, and yet...). I love your work and your approach. Ill write you more on that another time. For now, there is a painting on the page of your essay "Works of
    the Spirit and the Hardness of Fate" which shows a tree fecund with animals and birds, etc. I was in rapt amazement at its depiction of exuberance. Could you please tell me the title and artist?
    Thank you. -Bryant Guy

  • Carl Stewart (Saturday, December 22 12 02:50 pm EST)

    NO GOD

  • Danny Moloney (Wednesday, May 23 12 07:53 am EDT)

    A lifelong on again/off again interest in meditation led me recently to an interest in Buddhist philosophy (i am not Buddhist). Tom suggested your blog to me back in December--I met him on a
    discussion board at one of the big glossies. Anyway, I follow your SNB blog every day (even thought about making it my home page)...what an unusual discussion of Buddhism, the only one of its kind
    I'm aware of, a rare gem. Thank you, thank you. Sorry I haven't been able to bring much to the feast...yet.
    Love Ovenbird as well.
    Keep up the great work and thanks again.

    peace and beer

  • Adam Hartland (Tuesday, March 20 12 05:23 am EDT)

    Glenn. Just read your essay, "Buddhist Manifesto", I really enjoyed it and appreciated it. I particularly enjoyed your reasoned style. You're very clear and persuasive. My wife has made me some hot
    chocolate and cookies so you'll understand if I leave it at that. Cheers, Adam.

  • Peter (Wednesday, February 01 12 05:41 pm EST)

    I don't know what link enabled me to stumble upon speculativenonbuddhism, but I've become strangely addicted. I don't understand a lot of it, but as an on-and-off flirter with Buddhism over the last
    30 years (more off than on) snb seems to be raising the sort of questions I keep coming back to.

  • robashito (Saturday, January 28 12 09:35 am EST)

    Glowing up in Tokyo and being absorbed by music in my teens, I stumbled across FIAT LUX in high school, 1986 I think, and that LP made an impression on me instantly. Yes, FIAT LUX was available as an
    import in Japan at a record store called DISK UNION. ...Just wanted to say thanks!

  • Mike Cross (Saturday, December 31 11 02:37 pm EST)

    Something about me? Non-Buddhist Zen Bastard.

    Found my way here through looking up bhāvanā on the internet. Directed to this file:
    Glenn Wallis, Bhavana: A Guide to Classical Buddhist Meditation, 2009, draft copy, p. 7

    Where the hell have you hidden it?

  • Kayden (Monday, December 05 11 04:01 am EST)

    For the love of God, keep wirting these articles.



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