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I see myself as coming into the fifth phase of my intellectual life.


Initally, my academic work was philologically oriented, concentrating on Sanskrit and Tibetan sources. I focused on various aspects of medieval Indian Buddhist literature related primarily to ritual. My first book and earliest articles reflect these interests.


In my second phase, I studied and translated from the ancient Indian Buddhist canon as preserved in the middle Indic language known as Pali. I was particularly interested in the liberal humanist "cultural translation" project of enabling the "wisdom" of Buddhism to speak to twenty-first century westerners. My next three books reflect this approach.


In my third phase, I expanded on that interest to include the interface between ancient Buddhist literature and practice and modern psychology. These expanded interests were reflected in my teaching position at that time, which combined the training of professionals (psychologists, physicians, social workers, educators, and so on) in meditation practice and theory along with continued scholarly research.


In my fourth phase, I abandoned the philological, liberal humanist, and applied meditation projects. My interest was, however, a result of working in those sympathetic modes. I was interested in developing a critical model for understanding the identity of Buddhism, particularly in its current western presentation, as something like a critique subsumed within an ideology subsumed within a faith. My  contribution to Cruel Theory/Sublime Practice is an example. 


In my current phase, I am interested (i) in creating texts, communities, and practices that embody the non-buddhist/anarchist spirit, and (ii) in encouraging other thinkers to employ non-buddhist ideas toward their own ends, interests, desires, and talents. A Critique of Western Buddhism, Incite Seminars, and my most recent book, An Anarchist's Manifesto, are  examples.





REFUSE: A Journal of Iconoclasms is out!

An Anarchist's Manifesto, my newest book. is out! Visit Warbler Press for availability.


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A Critique of Western Buddhism: Ruins of the Buddhist Real, is out in affordable paperback: Bloomsbury Academic. More info here, too. You can read the entire Preface here.


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